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XCL has created LEAP, a unique and internationally proven methodology, to transform manufacturing businesses on operational excellence programmes.  LEAP does this by empowering workforces to identify personal and operational changes and implement them to achieve KPIs.

LEAP is not just another training programme; it bridges the gap between process and people.

LEAP Exploration

LEAP Exploration represents an initial phase of enquiry, finding out about the current situation in the eyes of those involved in it. Individual interviews are held with each of the leadership team, followed by a workshop to orientate them to the process to begin their joint exploration and analysis.  Fact-finding meetings are also held with focus groups of employees from across the organisation.  This allows both XCL and you to have a fuller understanding of what the culture in the organisation is.

LEAP Co-creation

The most effective way to stimulate ownership and high levels of engagement in an organisation is to co-create with the people that the change will impact. In this design and deploy phase we offer a series of facilitated workshops on subjects ranging from strategic engagement and top team alignment to learning and communication strategy.

The deliverable at the end of the Co-creation phase is a three-year master plan. This plan helps you ensure that your organisation's strategy to achieve your lean ambition is clearly communicated, managed and measured.

LEAP Alive & Review

With LEAP Alive we play a supporting role to ensure you are able to sustain behaviour changes. Our services in this phase are designed to be flexible and meet the evolving needs of the organisation. Whether it's facilitated meetings, aligned performance management or the creation of a skills matrix, we help you keep LEAP Alive.

Review and evaluation is continuous throughout the LEAP process. However, regular, formal LEAP Reviews are essential to ensuring the learning strategy is maintained and to identify future business challenges you may face. There are a variety of methods used to ensure that all measureable outputs are captured and recorded.


LEAP Consultants and Facilitators use their expertise in eXperience Centred Learning to help participants develop the skills they need to create more choices and achieve their lean ambitions. A facilitative style, in combination with strategic and business knowledge and experience, means they can guide participants in behaviour changes that are both meaningful and enduring.

LEAP Consultants and Facilitators engage the whole person. With an appreciative, humanistic approach they coach and support each participant as they embark on their own unique journey. They employ high levels of social and emotional intelligence in a safe, nurturing environment so participants gain trust and confidence quickly. In modelling this authentic self-expression, the participant's final reflections reveal the significance of a journey that is transformational - for them and their organisation.

eXperience Centred Learning

Our methodology for delivery of LEAP programmes is a unique approach that combines experiential learning with application to your live, current projects. Enjoyable, inclusive, challenging and an experience in itself, eXperience Centred Learning drives LEAP and provides you with the behaviours and self-belief to change. As such, you are able to think differently and make a profound and immediate impact for yourself and your organisation in relation to your Lean ambition.


"I strongly recommend LEAP for any organisation seriously engaged in continuous improvement." Cluster Head, North America

"I have seen XCL supporting real turn arounds in different factories, countries and cultures which confirms the power of LEAP and also how special XCL's Consultants and Facilitators are." Global Director, Europe

"We're driving through a massive culture change here. LEAP has enabled us to drive it through faster." Factory Manager, Europe

"It's a complete programme to change the nature of the way we work as leaders." Senior Manager, Scandanavia

"You get more participation and engagement. Longer retention of what was being taught." Production Manager, Asia

"Everywhere I see, people are talking about LEAP and visualisation in a different way." Shift Manager, Europe

"They helped us develop our strategy and they are helping us to work with our people." Cluster Head, South Europe

"Surely recommend LEAP, especially the "problem-solving" part, not delegating choices / issues upwards!!!" Shop Floor Worker, Scandanavia

Introducing XCL

XCL is a UK-based consultancy, facilitation and training company supporting multi-national operations in achieving large-scale change-management and World Class Manufacturing (WCM) status. We help our clients fulfil their Lean ambition through proven processes that improve Leadership, Engagement, Alignment and Performance (LEAP).

Our approach is founded on eXperience Centred Learning (XCL), a proprietary and practical methodology that is enjoyable, inclusive, challenging and an experience in itself for all participants.

Working across sectors including food manufacturing, automotive and food packaging, we have used eXperience Centred Learning to deliver LEAP programmes that have helped clients to address a wide range of challenges relating to their Lean ambition. These include cost reduction, workforce engagement, workforce alignment behind strategy, identifying and developing talent, improving individual and team performance, and enhancing leadership and communication across operations.

Where we Work

Participants from countries including the UK, Sweden, The Netherlands, China, Russia and Brazil have been through our programmes and we continue to deliver LEAP to more than 300 participants each year.

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